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Excerpts below – Read the full Article here: http://protomag.com/articles/what-blockchain-could-do WHAT BLOCKCHAIN COULD DO Beneath the hype is a technology that could solve many logistical problems that plague medicine. EVERY YEAR IN THE UNITED STATES, billions of dollars’ worth of unopened, unexpired prescription drugs are destroyed or tossed in the garbage—at a time when a quarter […]

Healthcare Purchasing News

Find the original and full article here: https://www.hpnonline.com/sourcing-logistics/article/21105835/inverting-supply-chain-mindsets-with-futureready-thinking Inverting Supply Chain mindsets with future-ready thinking Techniques, technologies may give standard practices a new look by 2030 Executives and professionals in healthcare supply chain gaze somewhat longingly at other industries for glimpses at what might emerge within their realm of influence in the coming years but […]

Disruptor Daily: Blockchain In Healthcare Use Case #21:

See the full story and Original Post at: https://www.disruptordaily.com/blockchain-in-healthcare-use-case-hashed-health/ This interview is part of our new Blockchain In Healthcare series, where we interview the world’s leading thought leaders on the front lines of the intersections between blockchain and healthcare. In this interview we speak with John Bass, CEO of Hashed Health, to understand how his company is using […]

Nashville Blockchain Meetup – Ledger Wars with Corey Todaro

At the June Nashville Blockchain Meetup, we looked at Enterprise Blockchain and the proliferation of Distributed Ledger software, services, and offerings available to enterprises and corporate applications. In his presentation titled “Ledger Wars”, Corey Todaro from Hashed Heath examines the emerging commoditization of distributed ledger and blockchain protocols, and their impact on enterprise adoption. This […]