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January Meet Up – Nashville

Hashed Health organized a local area meet up in Nashville on Wednesday, January 24. Over 200 interested attendees engaged as Representative Jason Powell and Emily Vaughn of Change Healthcare spoke. After Powell discussed Blockchain bill HB1507 introduced to Tennessee State Legislators, Emily Vaughn of Change Healthcare shared her Blockchain story and introduced a project underway […]

Consent, Clinical Trials, and the Blockchain

Clinical trials, including the four phases regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), require several steps for patient consent and processing with the Institutional Review Board before drugs are safely released to market. Informed patient consent involves making the patient aware of each step in the Clinical Trial process including any possible risks posed […]

Aligning Blockchain With Healthcare Problems an Interview with Erik Pupo from Accenture – EP008

  In this episode we interview Erik Pupo, Accenture’s healthcare blockchain lead for North America. Erik leads Accenture’s blockchain efforts that serve payer, provider and life science customers. Eric Pupo  is a managing director in the Accenture Health Client Service Group, where he manages a large team of healthcare professionals within the Clinical and Health Management Services team. […]

FutureTech Podcast Featuring Corey Todaro

COREY TODARO OF HASHED HEALTH- TRANSFORMATIONAL BLOCKCHAIN AND DISTRIBUTED LEDGER TECHNOLOGIES FOR THE HEALTHCARE INDUSTRY The healthcare industry is “Byzantinely complex,” says Corey Todaro, one of the founders of Hashed Health. The freedom to choose from a variety of different providers, says Todaro, “makes a true longitudinal view of a single patient almost an impossibility…it takes a […]