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In Memory of Clayton Christensen

Around five years ago, a handful of innovators, academics, and futurists began predicting the future of blockchain in healthcare and other industries. What would a decentralized healthcare delivery system look like? Will patients pay for healthcare using a programmable health coin? What will happen to all the middlemen like the GPOs and the PBMs?

Tipping Point: The Transformation of America’s Healthcare System

We are accelerating towards a healthcare financial crisis in the US.  For many families, it’s already here. In the last 10 years, US healthcare prices are up 22% (vs 17% for the general economy). US Healthcare expenditures are up 45% (vs 28% for the general economy). We have institutionalized a dangerous marketplace known for a […]

Blockchain Rises at SXSW

South by Southwest (SXSW) has wrapped up in Austin, TX.  This annual 10-day convergence of music, media and technology that began in 1967 has grown over the years to become known as the conference of the year for creative innovation.  SXSW Interactive, the technology focused sub-conference has become the biggest, most important emerging technology conference […]

Five Ways Digital Health Will Change Blockchain

I was fortunate to have recently traveled to Tel Aviv for two Hashed Collective Events focused on the Tel Aviv digital health community. These events (a healthcare blockchain meetup hosted by EY and BeWell and the Digitalhealth-Il conference) were an incredible display of the community’s hunger to collaborate and innovate. Hashed Collective does community development […]