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How Blockchain Will Transform Practitioner Credentialing

By: Anthony D. Begando Credentialing is a complex, costly, and time-consuming process mandated throughout the healthcare industry to ensure that a practitioner can competently deliver (and be compensated for) patient care within a specific clinical setting.  Today, the process largely consists of organizations independently collecting, verifying, and analyzing information pertaining to an individual’s background and experience.  These artifacts include education, employment, […]

A New Perspective on Opioids and Blockchain

Accidental overdose of opiates has taken over 37,000 lives in 2016, easily surpassing deaths due to HIV/AIDS epidemic at its peak. The opioid epidemic in America is getting increasingly worse every year as nearly 170 Americans die daily as a consequence of opioid overdoses (1). Efforts to use Blockchain to solve the opioid crisis often […]

Disa Lee Choun UCB Discusses Blockchain and Clinical Trials

Disa Lee Choun is a Director and Head of Data Acquisition for UCB, Disa leads a global team that has the responsibility of strategically acquiring clinical and operational data for all clinical trials. We got to speak with her about the current collaborations between pharmaceutical companies, as well as the role of regulators in the […]

How Blockchain enables innovative payment and new benefit plan design – EP009

In this episode we interview François DeBrantes, Vice President and Director, Center for Payment Innovation at the Altarum Institute. Francois’ work focuses on the designing and implementation of innovative payment and benefit plan programs  in order to motivate physicians, hospitals and consumer-patients to improve the quality and affordability of care.  François De Brantes Vice President and Director, Center for Value […]

Dubai leapfrog: the UAE’s opportunity to advance health & wellness

Hashed Health’s CEO, John Bass, was honored recently to be asked to speak about healthcare blockchain (specifically remote patient monitoring / wellness) in Dubai at  HIMSS Middle East / Health 2.0 UAE eHealth week. We departed there hopeful that their leaders do realize the amazing opportunity to not re-create our broken system. The US has good healthcare for most […]