#014 – August 1, 2017

Health Insurers Brace for New Uncertainty After GOP Bill’s Collapse


Experts to address AI, Blockchain, ransomware and executive leadership at Healthcare Security Forum


The Blockchain Triangle


Delaware Authorizes Stocks on Blockchain


Blockchain Could Make the Insurance Industry Much More Transparent


Life Science On the Distributed Ledger


The Path Forward In Health Care Remains Uncertain For Both Parties


Blockchain: Putting the ‘Block’ On Healthcare Fraud, Waste, And Abuse


Blockchain eyed for potential use cases in revenue cycle


What You Need To Know About The Future Of Healthcare

#013 – July 12, 2017

Blockchain – The New Technology of Trust


Questions Loom for Healthcare’s Data Security




“Don’t Try to Protect the Past”


Experts Discuss Tackling Pharma Supply Chain Issues With Blockchain


Finally Everyone Agrees: Health Care Is a Human Right


Initial Coin Offering Risk Factors: More Than Just Legalese


Business Impact First Quantum-Secured Blockchain Technology Tested in Moscow


Advisory Board Likely Takeover by UnitedHealth and Vista


Oscar Health to Join Humana in Small-Business Venture

#012 – June 20, 2017

Lipscomb, startup partner to explore blockchain usage in health care


Reducing Friction In Healthcare Payment


What if the bitcoin bubble bursts?


U.S. Tech Firm in Blockchain Tie-Up With Insurance Advisory Firm


Value-Based Care Alone Won’t Reduce Health Spending and Improve Patient Outcomes


The ICO is a revolutionary new way to get funded, and everyone wants in


Savings Reported By CMS Do Not Measure True ACO Savings


Blockchain in Healthcare Administration – An Introduction


UC Berkeley to use blockchain for public health studies

#011 – June 6, 2017

Frost Brown Todd Creates Smart Contract App for Software Escrow Agreements


Governments may be big backers of the blockchain


California Is Inching Closer to Single Payer Health Care. Is It Already Doomed?


Securing Healthcare: 8 Companies Using AI, Blockchain, And More To Protect Health Data


The Senate’s 4 Big Problems With Health Care


The consumerization of healthcare


11 Biggest Ways Trumpcare Will Change the U.S. Healthcare System


Welcome to the Age of ICOs


3 Health Care Trends That Don’t Hinge on the ACA


The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data

#010 – May 23, 2017

US Food and Drug Administration to Study Blockchain Healthcare Applications

Altarum Institute Joins Hashed Health to leverage blockchain technology 

R3 Consortium Raises $107 million from Major Global Banks

How Blockchain Could Help Emerging Markets Leap Ahead

Trump’s healthcare Budget outlines FDA, NIH cuts

Toyota pushes to blockchain tech for next generation of cars

Consensus 2017 Hackathon: Into the Smart City Blockchain ‘Rabbit Hole’

Blockchain will link payer, provider, patient data like never before

The Latest and Greatest: Blockchain on Reddit

#009 – May 11, 2017

Does Blockchain Have a Place in Healthcare?

Blockchain: The Missing Link Between Genomics and Privacy?

PokitDok teams With Intel on Healthcare Blockchain Solution

How Blockchain Could Rebuild the Healthcare Industry

The Blockchain and Global Health

Blockchain Gains Momentum in the Middle East

Cobalt Attracts Top Currency Traders to Blockchain Service

Blockchain Technology Will Help the World Go Green

Blockchain Economy on the Horizon

#008 – April 27, 2017

Hashed Health to Speak at Nashville’s Health:Further


Les Wilkinson Joins Hashed Health as Chief Development Officer


China’s Blockchain Invasion


Bitcoin’s DC Debut


Fastest-Ever ICO: Ethereum-based Gnosis Creates $300 Mln in Minutes, Raising $12 Mln


Blockchain for IoT Extends beyond Ensuring Security


Advancing Cybersecurity with Blockchain Technology


Who Controls the Blockchain?


Bitcoin Wallets Under Siege From ‘Large Collider’ Attack


HHS’s Price Urges Doctors to Submit Ideas for Medicare Pay Models


Venrock 2017 Healthcare IT Prognosis


Cerner, telemedicine company? Glaser says so

#007 – April 7, 2017

Why the US Department of Health Just Couldn’t Ignore Blockchain


Buying into Healthcare’s Blockchain Hype


Blockchain-Styled Solutions for Health Care on the Rise


How Blockchain Technology Could Revolutionize the Healthcare Industry


Is Blockchain the Solution for Healthcare?


Why digital advertising is experimenting with blockchain


Four Key Blockchain Use Cases for Banks: FinTech Network Report


Using Blockchain to Keep Public Data Public


How Blockchain Technology Will Dominate The Travel Sector


Sweden Moves to Next Stage With Blockchain Land Registry

#006 – March 14, 2017

Briefing: Hashed Health to convene blockchain consortium in Nashville


Google DeepMind’s Untrendy Play to Make the Blockchain Actually Useful


The Potential for Blockchain Technology in Health IT


With Monsoons Of Data, Healthcare’s Salvation Just May Be Blockchain


How the ‘Dole Stock Crisis’ is Reigniting the Push for Blockchain


SEC Dashes Hopes of a Bitcoin ETF — For Now


Fusing Blockchain and IoT: An Interview With Filament’s CEO


Blockchain Adoption Optimism Suffers Setback at DTCC Fintech Event


Bitcoin Miners Signal Revolt Amid Sluggish Blockchain

#005 – March 2, 2017

Blockchain’s potential use cases for healthcare: hype or reality?


Why Data Security is Critical with Healthcare Blockchain


An IPFS addressable storage model for healthcare with blockchain


How Blockchains Can Provide New Benefits & Business Models For Healthcare


The permanent web for healthcare with IPFS and blockchain


A Brief History of Blockchain


4 Ways To Use Blockchain In Your Business


Bloq Acquires Skry, Supercharges Blockchain Analytics With AI and Machine Learning


Equibits’ Blockchain ‘Crypto’ Crowdfund Scores $500K Investment Since Launch


What are CIOs doing about the rise of blockchain?