June 2018 Nashville Blockchain Meetup – MultiPlan


The June 2018 Nashville Blockchain Meetup was an encapsulation of everything that makes the time and energy invested in Meetups worth while.  In partnership the Health IT Summit Series the Nashville Blockchain Meetup and all conference attendees were invited to an informal discussion at the Nashville Technology Council about the recently announced healthcare blockchain pilot program involving Optum, United HealthcareQuest Diagnostics, Humana, and MultiPlan.   As we await the release of the much anticipated whitepaper, details have been hard to come by,  so were thrilled to welcome David Murtagh who serves as  MultiPlan’s Vice President of Operations over Provider Data Management.  David offered a grounded, non-technical look at Multiplan’s approach to the technology, why they chose to participate, and the challenges of convening a network among industry peers and sometimes competitors.   Provider directory management is a fluid and complex.  He gave estimates drawn from their 2.5 million provider entries showing that 2-3% of the data changes every month which compounds to almost 50% of the data in a given directory turning over every 18 months.

At Hashed Health, we have long seen Provider Directories as a perfect early use case for blockchain – the data is unregulated and non-competitive.  For HIMSS 2017, we built a provider directory prototype on an early release of Fabric as a working example of what was possible with blockchain.   Relate-able  use cases and networks of known players are key as the industry looks for reasons to say yes to blockchain – this project is exactly that.

We are grateful for our partnership with Richard Tomko and Stephen McCollum at Healthcare Infomatics for bringing David Murtagh and Multiplan to Nashville for the events.  Please listen to the audio or watch the video of the meetup below.



See the article in Forbes:  “United Healthcare, Optum, Humana, MultiPlan and Quest Diagnostics launch blockchain provider director pilot


Audio Podcast of Meetup:

Video Recording of Meetup (sorry about the back lighting)





July 2018 Nashville Blockchain Meetup – Music Night

Blockchain and DLT has the potential to change the way music is sold and consumed. Over time, new technical and business models will affect how rights holders (labels, producers, musicians, other artists) interact with each other and with fans.  In July we heard from Jesse Grushack, co-founder of UJO Music and their rights management system.   We also heard a Nashville innovators perspective from Chris McMurtry head of  Head of Music Product at Exactuals and Lee Greer President of NPREX a blockchain backed performing rights exchange.


Audio Podcast:

Twitter Livestream Recording:


Thank you to our friends at PioPlay Livestream for the seamlessly professional live stream coverage (we loved them, they are awesome – consider us a standing reference for their work)

Healthbox Innovation Rising Podcast

About Innovation Rising:

Innovation Rising, presented by Healthbox, examines the intersection of innovation and healthcare from a variety of viewpoints featuring interviews with the leaders who are moving our industry forward. The podcast is arranged in 3-episode series around a specific topic in healthcare or innovation. In each of the 3 episodes, we interview a hospital or health system using this innovation, an investor who has invested in this sector and their thoughts on why and the future of the sector, and finally an interview with a founder of a solution in this space, respectively.


In this episode:

Our guest today, John Bass, joins the podcast to talk about the use of the blockchain in healthcare and how it will drive innovation, now, and in the future. John is the Founder and CEO of Hashed Health, a healthcare blockchain innovation firm focused on building the new digital infrastructure for healthcare. John has over 20 years of experience in healthcare technology with expertise in shared operating systems that build trust, transparency, and incentives across health networks.

Prior to Hashed Health, John was CEO at InVivoLink, a care management start-up which sold to HCA in 2015. Since then, John has been a leading voice in the development of the global healthcare blockchain market and is focused on community development, enterprise services, and blockchain solutions development.

Topics we cover in this episode:

John’s background and focus on improving patient outcomes

When the blockchain actually came to be and when and why it piqued John’s interest

What the blockchain is

The types of problems using the blockchain in healthcare aims to solve and how Hashed Health aims to accelerate this process

How the blockchain will truly be disruptive in healthcare

Catalyst – Listening in (with permission) Podcast


Suzanne Delbanco, Executive Director of Catalyst for Payment Reform dials John Bass, Founder and CEO of Hashed Health, who shares his insights on how and why blockchain can reduce costs, create trust, and improve competition in health care. Listen in as he breaks down what healthcare blockchain is and how, as a data infrastructure, it can reduce friction in different health care value chains like bundled payment and provider credentialing. If you’re hearing about blockchain and want to know what it means for health care purchasers, this episode is for you!






Blockchain Reset: Seeing through the Hype and Starting down the Path, Part 2

June 05, 2018

Thank you for joining us for a continuation of our HIMSS18 conversation! Watch Part 1 of this series, which occurred in the Interoperability Showcase at HIMSS18.


Blockchain has great potential across healthcare to improve patient care and reduce costs, and is already starting to take hold in healthcare networks from clearinghouses, to drug supply chains, provider credentialing processes, and other critical areas. This panel of experts builds upon their discussion in Las Vegas to help separate hype from reality, identify suitable Blockchain use cases applicable to your organization, and recognize near term opportunities for real value. In this session, we also share practical deployment strategies to help you to get started with blockchain in your healthcare organization, and take time to answer your burning questions on the technology and its role in healthcare.

Learning Objectives

After this session, attendees will be able to:

  • Apply practical strategies to identify suitable use cases for Blockchain for your organization.
  • Identify frameworks to achieve interoperability, performance, and deployment with Blockchain.


David Houlding, Principal Healthcare Program Manager, Cloud + Enterprise, Industry Experiences, Microsoft

Mike Jacobs, Senior Distinguished Engineer – Blockchain Evangelist, Optum

Ted Tanner, Co-Founder & CTO, PokitDok

Corey Todaro, Chief Product Officer and Director of Hashed Labs, Hashed Health

Emily Vaughn, Blockchain Product Director, Change Healthcare


HIMSS Blockchain Reset Part 2 Session Slides



May Nashville Blockchain MeetUp – Radar Relay

On May 23, the Nashville Blockchain Meetup and Ethereum Nashville hosted Radar Relay at a combined Meetup.  The event was hosted by WeWork and sponsored by Hashed HealthBTC Media, Frost Brown Todd, and our newest supporter LBMC.

Thanks to Blake Pedersen for coordinating the speaker.

Connor Herman Director of Token Analysis at Radar Relay came in from Denver Colorado to discuss their platform.  He walked the assembled crowd through the different kinds of exchanges and how a relay is different.  He then went into the Radar Relay offering and the 0X protocol before talking about the future of decentralized exchanges.  The audience was not short of  questions ranging from liquidity challenges and arbitrage opportunities to the not unexpected probes into trust and transparency assumptions.  You can see the full presentation on the youtube link below.

A few links from the presentation and announcements:

You can always find more information and continue the discussion at https://chat.hashedhealth.com on the #Nashville Blockchain Meetup channel.




Red Hot Healthcare Podcast

blockchain healthcare podcast

Red Host Healthcare Episode 67

Hashing Out Blockchain in Healthcare with John Bass

Blockchain has been perhaps the biggest buzzword over the last year. But what about it IS hype…and what is the truth today, and likely for the future? And for healthcare?

In this episode, Dr. Ambrose’s guest is John Bass, the CEO of Hashed Health in Nashville, TN with us in studio. He’s taking us down the primrose path, where we can smell the roses and not get stuck by its thorns.

In this engaging and information-packed episode, host Dr. Steve and John discuss:

  • A quick primer on the technology
  • New business models and value chain governance
  • Impact on administrative costs
  • Professional Credentials Exchange, Bramble and other powerful emerging solutions
  • Blockchain enabling consumerism and a new era of competing on price and quality
  • Trust, transparency, and incentive alignment
  • And so much more!

Full podcast and info here: https://redhothealthcare.com/hashing

Allscripts Podcast

allscripts podcast blockchain hashed health

Blockchain 101

Blockchain begins with the basics.  In this episode, recorded at by Allscripts (@allscripts )at HIMSS 2018, COO of  Hashed Health (@hashedhealth)COO Corey Todaro (@hashed_corey ) gives a brief primer on exactly what blockchain is and how organizations are already using it in healthcare. For more discussion on current uses and future ideas, visit chat.hashedhealth.com and join the Hashed Collective community.

Hashed Health Podcast Episode 17 – Bramble

Recorded April 19, 2018

If you podcasts are how you get your news, this is for you!  Listen to Corey Todaro walk the Nashville Blockchain Meetup through Bramble.

Bramble is a new decentralized marketplace for the buying and selling of digital health assets and services. It leverages “non-fungible tokens” (you’ve heard of cryptokitties?) to represent unique digital health assets that are created and listed by credentialed providers. These tokenized services and products are made available to consumers (ex. self-Insured employers).

Bramble’s goal is to create a frictionless, low-cost, transparent marketplace where value is rewarded and consumers can shop based on quality, reputation, price and information. It is an extremely flexible platform designed for global innovation.

If you want to see the slides or see the livestream video of the event https://hashedhealth.com/april-nashville-blockchain-meetup/


IDN Summit – Transformations Track Audio Recording

Monday, April 16, 2018
blockchain healthcare
According to research conducted by the University of Chicago, the healthcare industry will see a 21% increase in IT jobs by 2020, as technological advances increase the demand for the use of health informatics, mobile technology, cloud systems, and digital diagnostics.  Advanced technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence and machine learning are game-changers and can now be used for more secure services, enhanced patient care, better diagnoses, improved supply chain management, and more.  These technologies have the potential to save time and minimize the potential for added costs and human error, but is your organization ready for the transformations they are sure to bring as we enter the digital age?
Technological breakthroughs are revolutionizing the way healthcare is being delivered and the quality and accuracy of that care.  But technology affects much more than just the delivery of care.  Healthcare workers want to know how technology change their jobs and how to prepare for those inevitable changes.  How can you stay abreast of these changes when technology advances are being made at an incredible rate?   What is the potential for additional regulations resulting from the use of these technologies and how can your staff be prepared to meet them?  Chris Holt will discuss how many of these technologies will be impacting the healthcare supply chain and how you can prepare your organization to capitalize on their potential.
Deloitte executives estimate that the healthcare industry will see an aggressive deployment of blockchain, with nearly 35 percent planning to deploy some usage of blockchain in 2018.  One of the primary benefits of blockchain is its security for recording and tracking assets.  However, blockchain is also improving patient safety through the tracking and tracing of regulations of pharmaceuticals and better management of patient records.  For some though, it’s still a foreign language. John Bass will discuss the steps necessary to roll out blockchain with little to no disruption and with C-Suite and staff engagement, understanding and support.  Hear lessons learned and tips for putting blockchain to work for you in your efforts to improve operational efficiency and profitability.  Leave this session with a better understanding of just what blockchain is and what it can do for you.
Learning Objectives: 
1. Describe how to develop strategies for implementing new technological advances in your organization.
2. Discuss what impact changing technology will have on patient care, record keeping, and healthcare careers.
3. Identify three ways that blockchain can improve workflows.