April Nashville Blockchain MeetUp

blockchain healthcare meetup nashville

On April 19th, Hashed Health & BTC Media held another Hashed Collective Event: The Nashville Blockchain Meetup.  Sponsored Frost Brown Todd and hosted at WeWork,  Hashed Health discussed and demonstrated the new decentralized healthcare marketplace called Bramble.    With more than 150 in the room and a live stream audience, Corey Todaro (Chief Product Officer) and the Hashed Health developers described, demo’ed and answered questions about the platform.

Bramble is a new decentralized marketplace for the buying and selling of digital health assets and services. It leverages “non-fungible tokens” (you’ve heard of cryptokitties?) to represent unique digital health assets that are created and listed by credentialed providers. These tokenized services and products are made available to consumers (ex. self-Insured employers).

Bramble’s goal is to create a frictionless, low-cost, transparent marketplace where value is rewarded and consumers can shop based on quality, reputation, price and information. It is an extremely flexible platform designed for global innovation.

See the full presentation or hear the podcast by following the links below.

More information and continued discussion about this event can be found at https://chat.hashedhealth.com on the #Nashville Blockchain Meetup channel.

Podcast – Blockchain & The Crisis in Healthcare

SXSW 2018

SXSW Blockchain Panel

Blockchain & The Crisis in Healthcare

A panel including JOHN BASS from Hashed Health, BETH BREEDEN from Lipscomb University, DOMINIQUE HURLEY from healthverity, and AARON SYMANSKI from Change Healthcare.  The panel discussed how companies are coming together to fundamentally reimagine and build new economies and transaction networks. They examined the current state of blockchain and discuss how specific use cases are helping the healthcare system in 2018 and beyond. The use case discussion focused on patient identity, provider identity, and payments. Innovative solutions in these areas solve problems in today’s marketplace while setting the stage for future disruptive solutions.


Meetup Podcast – Credentialing and Governance – EP013


This is a recording of the March 15, 2018  Nashville Blockchain Meetup

Episode #13 is two presentations: one by Anthony D. Begando on how how blockchain will transform practitioner credentialing and then Thomas Cox discussing blockchain governance in the EOSIO software ecosystem.   If you would prefer a video link, the live stream is available here: LiveStream

Vanderbilt – Secure-by-Design Smart Contracts and Blockchains for Time-Sensitive Community Applications – EP012

On February 15, Hashed Health & BTC Media collaborated with the support of the Nashville Technology Council to host another Hashed Collective Event: The Nashville Blockchain Meetup.

The presentation, delivered by Anastasia Mavridou and Abhishek Dubey of the Vanderbilt University School of Engineering Institute for Software Integrated Systems, covered Secure-by-Design Smart Contracts and Blockchains for Time-Sensitive Community Applications.

Note –  The presentation uses a slide deck which can be found here: Nashville Blockchain 2018

Emily Vaughn & Change Healthcare – EP011

Blockchain Healthcare | News Change Healthcare | Hashed Health

In this episode we replay the last Nashville Blockchain Meetup with Emily Vaughn of Change Healthcare talking about building a career in a burgeoning Blockchain world and a little about Changes recent blockchain announcements.    Moderated by Corey Todaro of Hashed Health.









Disa Lee Choun UCB Discusses Blockchain and Clinical Trials

Disa Lee Choun is a Director and Head of Data Acquisition for UCB, Disa leads a global team that has the responsibility of strategically acquiring clinical and operational data for all clinical trials. We got to speak with her about the current collaborations between pharmaceutical companies, as well as the role of regulators in the industry. Enjoy the conversation!

How Blockchain enables innovative payment and new benefit plan design – EP009

In this episode we interview François DeBrantes, Vice President and Director, Center for Payment Innovation at the Altarum Institute. Francois’ work focuses on the designing and implementation of innovative payment and benefit plan programs  in order to motivate physicians, hospitals and consumer-patients to improve the quality and affordability of care.

 François De Brantes Vice President and Director, Center for Value in Health Care, Communications and Public Affairs

François de Brantes is vice president and director, Center for Value in Health Care (CVHC), whose mission is to create a high value, sustainable and equitable health care system through payment and health benefits innovation, behavioral incentives to promote health, and consumer engagement; and to advocate for broad system change and conduct research on effective ways to bring about that change. CVHC works with states, employers, health plans, provider organizations, charitable foundations as well as national consultancies such as McKinsey and KPMG, to advise them on payment and delivery system reform.




Aligning Blockchain With Healthcare Problems an Interview with Erik Pupo from Accenture – EP008


In this episode we interview Erik Pupo, Accenture’s healthcare blockchain lead for North America. Erik leads Accenture’s blockchain efforts that serve payer, provider and life science customers.

Eric Pupo  is a managing director in the Accenture Health Client Service Group, where he manages a large team of healthcare professionals within the Clinical and Health Management Services team. Erik develops and leads strategic and technological transformational initiatives as the Provider Technology Consulting lead for North America. In addition, as Accenture’s Healthcare Blockchain lead for North America, Erik leads sales and implementation efforts with Accenture’s payer, provider and life science customers on how to use blockchain technology to improve efficiencies within their businesses.