Distributed: Health Propels the Adoption of Blockchain Technology in Healthcare

Distributed: Health Propels the Adoption of Blockchain Technology in Healthcare

Distributed: Health 2018 Conference

As the second day of Distributed: Health concluded, attendees were left with a handful of solutions to explore, dozens of questions to ponder and countless new connections to pursue.

The conference, which enjoyed its third year of bringing healthcare executives and decentralizing technologists together at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center in Nashville, TN, featured keynote presentations from legacy leaders like former senator Bill Frist, panel discussions from industry stalwarts like the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and blockchain-powered announcements from pioneers like Change Healthcare.

More than 700 registered attendees absorbed information, asked questions and interfaced with one another to form the building blocks that will carry the healthcare industry into its next iteration. About 30 developers attended an accompanying code camp today to sharpen their blockchain coding skills and, eventually, put decentralizing ideas into practice.

“Healthcare Is Ripe for Disruption”

The event opened on Monday with welcome remarks and a fireside chat led by former medical practitioner, Tennessee senator and House Majority Leader Bill Frist. He leveraged his experience as both a provider and regulator to describe Nashville’s unique position in the healthcare atmosphere (where the industry has a $38.8 billion impact, per at least one estimation ) and the industry’s dire need for fundamental change.

“Right now, healthcare is ripe for disruption like no other industry,” Frist said. “The reason is, we have very, very, very high cost, which the typical consumer can’t afford, and we have uneven access. … When you have high cost and you have uneven access, the macro environment for disruption is huge. And that’s where blockchain [technology] is.”

Inviting Michael Painter, senior program officer at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, to join him in a fireside chat, Frist expanded on the need for blockchain solutions in healthcare, pointing out that the first step to addressing issues like healthcare disparity and encouraging healthy lifestyles more broadly will be collecting and leveraging data in a decentralized way.

“Without access to current, real data that can be trusted, that is privacy protected, that is distributed … we can’t make any real progress,” Frist said. “Blockchain [technology] has the opportunity … to address one of those basic needs of society. Which is to make sure that our children have a better life, have better health, than we have.”

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Health Innovators: Let’s Get Practical, Blockchain in Healthcare


When it comes to blockchain in healthcare, Electronic Health Records (EHRs) dominate the conversation. The need to secure and move this highly sensitive data has long been a bottleneck in healthcare. Healthtech futurists are looking hungrily at burgeoning blockchain and related technologies as a part of the solution to this time-consuming problem. But are we truly there yet?

“Dreams of interoperability and self-sovereign medical records are nothing new,” said John Bass, CEO of Hashed Health, a healthcare innovation firm focused on developing meaningful utilization of blockchain technologies and networks. “It’s understandable that the big, disruptive blockchain use cases have captured the world’s imagination. The blockchain certainly provides an exciting new framework for these solutions. But we have to figure out how to get from here to there.”

Read the full article here: Health Innovators: Let’s Get Practical, Blockchain in Healthcare


Blockchain tech ‘is the shiny new penny’

In the aptly named Nashville Ledger, Jeannie Naujeck takes a look at the blockchain community that is building in Nashville.  It is a timely look as the city breaks into the Top 20 US Cities For Blockchain Jobs.

Blockchain tech ‘is the shiny new penny’

Friday, May 18, 2018, Vol. 42, No. 20
By Jeannie Naujeck | Correspondent

blockchain healthcare - ledger nashvilleDuring the General Assembly session that just ended legislators debated a number of hot-button issues: guns, abortion, Confederate statues and medical marijuana.

But tucked among the headline-grabbers was a brief bill, less than 300 words long, that attracted no controversy whatsoever.

Not only did it pass both houses with bipartisan support, it passed with unanimous support – despite being concerned with an esoteric technology that some legislators had never heard of.

The bill that united legislators this session was an official recognition of blockchain, an emerging technology that could transform the operations of any business that depends on secure, transparent, efficient transactions – including some of Tennessee’s most important industries.

What likely sold legislators, even if they didn’t quite understand the technology, was its potential to attract new business to the state.

“Any state worth its salt wants to compete for business,” says Joan MacLeod Heminway, a corporate and securities lawyer and professor of law at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville.

“Blockchain technology is the shiny new penny, and everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon, because if you don’t you might get left behind. Tennessee is a very entrepreneurial state, and we like to make sure that if entrepreneurs think they need something we give it to them.”

Many people know blockchain as the technology that powers cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, which hit the news with its huge run-up in value last year, making digital millionaires of those who got in on the ground floor. But the technology has far greater implications for the Tennessee economy.

“Blockchain is a new and exciting industry with almost unlimited potential in different applications,” explains Rep. Jason Powell, a Democrat who sponsored the House bill. Steve Dickerson, a Republican, sponsored it in the Senate.

“I think there is tremendous upside, and it’s great that Tennessee has planted a flag to say that we are open for business when it comes to blockchain, and hopefully, can continue to foster either businesses starting up or moving here that are in that space.”

Read the full article here: Blockchain tech ‘is the shiny new penny’


Hashed Health Ranks Top Blockchain Developer

Hashed Health Ranks Top Blockchain Developer, 2018 Black Book Cybersecurity User Survey

Cybersecurity firms rated by industry client satisfaction and loyalty scores via independent key performance indicators announced.


Black Book Market Research 

May 14, 2018, 09:00 ET

TAMPA, Fla.May 14, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Black Book Market Research LLC’s annual poll of cybersecurity products, services, outsourcing and consulting clients spanned 17 functional areas of cybersecurity including: Authorization and Authentication Solutions; Blockchain Solutions; Compliance and Risk Management Solutions; Cybersecurity Advisors and Consultants; Cybersecurity Training and Education; DDoS Attack Prevention; End Point Security Solutions; Access Management; Firewall Networks; Data Encryption; Intrusion Protection Solutions; Threat Detection and Prevention; Network Security; Email Protection; and Cybersecurity Data Analytics.

Hashed Health was rated highest in Blockchain Development by 311 survey respondents.

The full listing of cybersecurity rankings in each category can be found at Black Book’s website https://blackbookmarketresearch.com/health-data-security-and-privacy.

“Cybersecurity is no longer considered solely an IT responsibility or a compliance issue,” said Doug Brown, founder of Black Book and lead researcher on the Q2 2018 study.

Black Book anticipates demand for outsourced information security, consulting and support to increase five times faster than security technology products and software purchases as job vacancies exceed qualified candidates.

Black Book Market Research LLC measures customer satisfaction across 18 copyrighted key performance indicators: Strategic Alignment of Vendor Offerings to the Client’s Mission and Goals; Innovation and Optimization; Training and Education; Client Relationships and Cultural Fit; Trust, Accountability, Ethics and Transparency; Breadth of Offerings; Deployment and Implementation; Customization; Integration and Interfaces, Interoperability and Connectivity; Scalability and Client Adaptability, Vendor Staff Expertise and Performance; Reliability; Brand Image and Marketing Communications; Marginal Value Adds; Vendor Financial Viability and Managerial Stability; Data Storage Services; Support and Customer Care; and Best of Breed Technology and Process Improvement.

In total, 2,464 cybersecurity system users and senior level managers participated over the seven- month crowdsourced survey.


In order, the top 10 of 20 ranked blockchain development firms this year are:











About Black Book Market Research LLC

Black Book Market Research LLC, its founder, management and staff do not own or hold any financial interest in any of the vendors or public relations firms covered and encompassed in the surveys it conducts. Additionally, Black Book does not contract for, barter, exchange or accept direct services from any public relations firm mentioned in the rankings. Black Book reports the results of the collected satisfaction and client experience rankings in publication and to media prior to vendor/firm notification of rating results and does not solicit vendor/agency participation fees, review fees, inclusion or briefing charges, consultation requirements and/or vendor collaboration as Black Book polls’ clients.

Since 2010, Black Book Market Research LLC has polled the vendor and service firm satisfaction in the software/technology and managed services sectors around the globe.

For methodology, auditing, resources, comprehensive research, see http://www.blackbookmarketresearch.com.

Detailed results on the cybersecurity rankings, see:  https://blackbookmarketresearch.com/health-data-security-and-privacy

For more information, contact Doug Brown at doug.brown@blackbookmarketresearch.com

SOURCE Black Book Market Research

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GHX and Hashed Health Partner on Blockchain Solutions for the Healthcare Supply Chain

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                    

blockchain healthcare partners ghx hashed health

 Blockchain Healthcare | Hashed Health


GHX and Hashed Health Partner on Blockchain Solutions for the Healthcare Supply Chain


LOUISVILLE, Colo. and NASHVILLE, Tenn. May 1, 2018 Global Healthcare Exchange, LLC (GHX), a healthcare business and data automation company, announced today that it is partnering with Hashed Health, a leader in blockchain innovation for healthcare. The companies will collaborate on blockchain and distributed ledger innovation projects for the healthcare supply chain.

GHX and Hashed Health share an interest in using blockchain technologies to solve unmet needs across healthcare. Blockchain is widely believed to have tremendous potential to drive efficiencies in areas such as product tracking, professional credentialing, auditing, master data management, contracting and order processing.

“Data is at the center of our business and blockchain offers healthcare an interesting opportunity to innovate around data at new levels that may add exponential value and efficiencies to healthcare,” said Peter Nelson, vice president, Product Management at GHX. “Our product and development team is excited to be working with Hashed Health as we continue to explore these opportunities to drive innovation, and help reduce costs in healthcare.”

Added John Bass, founder and CEO at Hashed Heath, “Starting in the late 90’s, my work in supply chain has focused on proving that trading partners in healthcare can mutually benefit by working together in new ways. This partnership with GHX begins a new chapter in our quest to create shared value in the healthcare supply chain.”

About GHX

Global Healthcare Exchange, LLC (GHX) is a healthcare business and data automation company, empowering healthcare organizations to enable better patient care and maximize industry savings using its world-class cloud-based supply chain technology platform. GHX brings together healthcare providers, manufacturers and distributors in North America, and Europe, who rely on proven healthcare-focused technology and comprehensive data to automate business processes and make more informed, timely and fact-based decisions. Solutions span procurement and accounts payable automation, contract and inventory management, vendor credentialing and management, business intelligence, payment management and other supply chain-related tools and services. For more information, visit www.ghx.com and The Healthcare Hub.

About Hashed Health

Hashed Health is a healthcare innovation company leading the design, development and productive use of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. Hashed Health partners with public and private sector clients to collaboratively develop solutions and networks that solve health delivery challenges. Hashed Health’s mission is to create new shared value systems for individuals and communities of health through a variety of enterprise and consumer-focused projects. More information can be found at http://www.hashedhealth.com/ or by emailing join@hashedhealth.com. To join the global healthcare blockchain conversation, go to https://chat.hashedhealth.com.

#   #   #



Paula Timko

Tier One Partners (GHX)




Giles Ward

Hashed Health



Nashville Business Journal: Big names, big money say this is health care’s next big thing

By   – Reporter, Nashville Business Journal

Twelve billion health care-related transactions. $2 trillion in claims. $1.58 billion in annual revenue.

That’s what Change Healthcare CEO Neil de Crescenzo is entrusting to an emerging technology that some say will change the way business is conducted in ways not seen since the internet debuted.

You may have heard of blockchain, a technology that got its start in the financial world as a way to protect data. But few people outside of tech circles know how it actually works, why it’s a big deal or that Nashville power players like Change Healthcare see real potential in using the technology for health care records and transactions.

In Nashville, there’s a growing number of startups that have raised millions of dollars from investors like Charlie Martin. They’re working to build a blockchain community through conferences, magazines and digital media. Local blockchain gatherings, lucky to attract 20 attendees just months ago, are now filled with hundreds of tech enthusiasts and business leaders alike.

Established titans like Change and HCA Healthcare Inc. also are using and testing the technology.

Read More…. (article is behind a pay wall at Nashville Business Journal, available to subscribers)

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Professional Credentials Exchange Announcement





Hashed Heath Launches Professional Credentials Exchange to Help Reduce the Costs and Complexities of Provider Identity and Credentialing Processes

NASHVILLE, TN. – March 6, 2018 – Hashed Health, a leading healthcare blockchain innovation company focused on building the new digital infrastructure for healthcare, today announced the launch of the Professional Credentials Exchange.  The Exchange intends to provide the market with a solution to address the effort, cost, redundancy, and complexity of obtaining and verifying practitioner identity and credentialing information.

Leveraging blockchain technology, the Professional Credentials Exchange will allow counterparties to define and exchange identity and credentials assets using the data, rules, and validation checks applicable to their specific organizational requirements.  Further, blockchain technology assures the provenance, accuracy, and immutability of information within the exchange—substantially reducing the time, cost, and effort healthcare organizations spend performing the redundant collection and verification of this information.  The Exchange represents new digital infrastructure which integrates with a wide range of workflow tools and data sources that currently exist in the market.

“This transformative approach solves existing challenges facing provider credentialing,” said John Bass, Hashed Health CEO.  “Over the past year, we have received feedback from the industry indicating that improving the accuracy and accessibility of credentialing information is an ideal opportunity for blockchain technology to address a costly, complex, industry-wide problem.”

Credentialing is a mandated process that intends to ensure the clinical competency of a healthcare practitioner.  All organizations that provide, compensate, or support healthcare delivery must credential practitioners prior to their employment or contracting.  The process often takes several months to complete and is largely impeded by a lack of reliable, verified information available to those performing this work.  Delays in physician credentialing within hospitals alone result in forfeitures of net revenue averaging an estimated $7,500 per day.  The Exchange will allow practitioners and those parties requiring credentials information to access and acquire this data with greater efficiency and confidence in its sourcing and accuracy.

To learn more about Hashed Health and its new Professional Credentials Exchange visit www.ProCredEx.com or visit the Hashed Health booths (9900 51,52,53) at the HIMSS 2018 Conference March 5th-8th in Las Vegas, Nevada.


About Hashed Health

Hashed Health is a healthcare innovation company leading the design, development and productive use of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. Hashed Health partners with public and private sector clients to collaboratively develop solutions and networks that solve health delivery challenges. Hashed Health’s mission is to create new shared value systems for individuals and communities of health through a variety of enterprise and consumer-focused projects. More information can be found at http://www.hashedhealth.com/ or by emailing join@hashedhealth.com. To join the global healthcare blockchain conversation, go to https://chat.hashedhealth.com.

About Professional Credentials Exchange (ProCredEx)

The Professional Credentials Exchange provides digital infrastructure for the credentialing of professionals in the healthcare field. Using blockchain technology, organizations use ProCredEx to streamline the process of offering and consuming practitioner identity data elements.  For more information, visit www.procredex.com or email Anthony Begando at abegando@hashedhealth.com.



Giles Ward

Hashed Health

gward @hashedhealth.com



ODH Joins with Hashed Health to Develop & Implement Blockchain Technologies in support of support of Value-Based Care


ODH Logo Healthcare Blockchain | Hashed Health



ODH, Inc Joins with Hashed Health to Develop and Implement Blockchain Technologies to Improve Patient Outcomes in Support of Value-Based Care

PRINCETON, N.J. and NASHVILLE, TN. – February 20, 2018 – ODH, Inc., a health technology company providing data aggregation and analytics solutions, has joined with Hashed Health to develop blockchain and distributed ledger technologies for payers and providers with the goal of improving patient care.

Hashed Health is a leading healthcare blockchain innovation company focused on building the new digital infrastructure for healthcare to develop new solutions to better secure patient data and enable greater payment efficiency for healthcare organizations and their patients.

ODH will spearhead Hashed Health’s Value-Based Care Working Group, a collective effort aimed at accelerating the industry’s transition to value-based care through the adoption of practical blockchain solutions such as improving quality measures via payer and provider collaboration.

“Blockchain technologies hold a great deal of promise for managing and securing patient data, enabling greater payments efficiency and bringing together disconnected parties across the health care ecosystem,” said Michael Jarjour, President and Chief Executive Officer, ODH, Inc. “Making those goals a reality requires teamwork among health care organizations. That’s why we believe in, and are excited to be a part of, the collaborative model provided by Hashed Health.”

“As a company dedicated to combining data, analytics and insights to enable integrated patient care, ODH adds depth to our community,” said Hashed Health CEO John Bass. “ODH’s focus on addressing behavioral and physical health comorbidities brings a unique perspective to our initiatives. At the same time, ODH will benefit from the technical and business model innovation resources at Hashed Health, as well as exposure to our firm’s growing global community of partners and their collective expertise.”

Hashed Health’s current partnerships with the Accenture, Altarum Institute, Change Healthcare and others represent many segments of the healthcare market.


Hashed Health will be presenting on its innovative concepts in healthcare at the 2018 HIMSS Conference & Exhibition being held March 5th – 9th in Las Vegas, Nevada. To learn more about the global healthcare blockchain conversation and join the Hashed Collective go to https://chat.hashedhealth.com/channel/introductions

About ODH, Inc.

ODH, Inc. is a health technology company providing data aggregation and analytics solutions that enable the delivery of integrated health care. Its proprietary technology and clinical expertise advance interoperability among legacy systems for better patient care and cost management. Its solutions focus on addressing behavioral and physical health comorbidities. ODH is a subsidiary of Otsuka America, Inc. and part of the Otsuka Group of companies, a $12 billion global conglomerate based in Japan. For additional information on ODH, Inc., visit http://www.ODHSolutions.com.


About Hashed Health

Hashed Health is a healthcare innovation company leading the design, development and productive use of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. Hashed Health partners with public and private sector clients to collaboratively develop solutions and networks that solve health delivery challenges. Hashed Health’s mission is to create new shared value systems for individuals and communities of health through a variety of enterprise and consumer-focused projects. More information can be found at http://www.hashedhealth.com/ or by emailing join@hashedhealth.com.


John Hallock

Hashed Health




David Coleman

ODH, Inc.




Nashville Tech Leaders Announced at 9th Annual Nashville Technology Council Awards

Written by: Alex Curtis

The Nashville Technology Council announced the winners of the 9th Annual NTC Awards at a packed Wildhorse Saloon on Thursday night, Presented by Tierpoint.

The event, co-hosted by Martha Ivester, City Manager for Google Fiber in Nashville, and Derek Young, President of YMG Enterprises, LLC, brought together more than 600 attendees — representing more than 155 Nashville technology companies and related organizations. All were present to celebrate this year’s technology champions in fourteen categories.  Dell Nashville provided support as the Platinum Sponsor.

“The NTC Awards is an opportunity to celebrate our region’s tech leaders for the work they’ve done in Nashville’s technology community,” said Brian Moyer, NTC President and CEO. “Whether it’s a company, a team, or an individual; a member of the ‘C-Suite’ or a developer; or a community leader or a diversity game changer, the NTC Awards recognize the people that are making Nashville the destination for creative and innovative technology, and contributing to Middle Tennessee’s growth and prosperity.”

The design of the 80s theme of this year’s award ceremony was produced by Proof Branding and Partner Shop Digital led the event’s video production. More details about each award, its sponsor, and finalists can be found on the NTC Awards website, http://NTCAwards.com/awards.

NTC Awards Winners Picture

And the winners of the 9th Annual NTC Awards are:

Mark Cleveland — Hytch, LLC Emerging Company of the Year presented by Comcast Business Asurion Diversity Game Changer of the Yearpresented by Splunk

Chris Redhage — ProviderTrust Emerging Leader of the Year presented by Vaco

Faker Zouaoui — Asurion Data Scientist of the Year presented by Invest Northern Ireland

Alishah Novin — HPA – A Cognizant Company Software Developer/Architect of the Year presented by Asurion

Virsys12 Development Team – Team of the Year presented by Nissan

John Bass — Hashed Health Innovator of the Year presented by HPA, a Cognizant Company

Paul Currie — HCA IT&S CTO of the Year presented by World Wide Technology

Watershed Systems Infrastructure Group of the Year presented by ENA

Haddon Bennett — Change Healthcare CISO of the Year presented by Microsoft

Gabrielle Kaili-May Liu — Ravenwood High School Technology Student of the Year presented by Edgenet

Chris Bayham — Change Healthcare CIO of the Year presented by Veristor

Charles Apigian — MTSU Community Leader of the Year presented by HCA Healthcare

Asurion Company of the Year presented by ACS Group

Founded in 1999, the Nashville Technology Council (NTC) is a 501(c)(6) not-for-profit member association for Tennessee’s technology industry that connects, unites, develops, and promotes the Middle Tennessee as our nation’s Creative Tech Destination.


Hashed Health to Develop a System to Verify Graduation Credentials Using Blockchain Technology

Hashed Health will develop an innovative system to verify graduation credentials using blockchain technology for partner Lipscomb University College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences. Read the article here.