For many organizations, it’s difficult to find talent to complete the projects necessary to move their initiatives forward. These are typically high velocity, discrete projects that could require any number of skills – from marketing to computer science, from design to finance. These organizations are more than willing to work with students, but they often […]


Crowds of data scientists competing to deliver insights.


A community for employers sourcing digital health benefits.


A community-owned platform that introduces a more equitable model for connecting health systems with providers.

Peer Supply

A platform that strengthens supply chain resiliency by sharing data in a trusted, peer-to-peer manner.

Ledger Stamp

An immutable trust and validation solution for digital signatures and document workflows.


A rational marketplace for buying and selling healthcare products & services.

Signal Stream

Healthcare’s first blockchain/DLT multi-party business process automation platform


A new business model for practitioner credentialing.