February Meet Up – Nashville

On February 15, Hashed Health & BTC Media collaborated with the support of the Nashville Technology Council to host another Hashed Collective Event: The Nashville Blockchain Meetup.

The event was hosted at the Nashville Technology Council (500 Interstate Blvd) and livestreamed via Hashed Health’s facebook page. There were approximately 80 in attendance. The crowd was compromised of blockchain enthusiasts, entrepreneurs from a variety of fields including healthcare, and developers.

The presentation, delivered by Anastasia Mavridou and Abhishek Dubey of the Vanderbilt University School of Engineering Institute for Software Integrated Systems, covered Secure-by-Design Smart Contracts and Blockchains for Time-Sensitive Community Applications.

Abhishek Dubey started off the presentation by explaining the role of consortium/private blockchains and comparing them with public chains.

Some of the community applications he discussed outside of healthcare applications included green energy linking between houses.

Anastasia then took the stage to discuss threats posed by software vulnerabilities in smart contracts with a focus on contracts that integrate with our community applications.

Questions from the crowd included several technical questions and a short discussion about pending legislation HB1507. The bill can be found at: http://www.capitol.tn.gov/Bills/110/Bill/HB1507.pdf.

Followers from Hashed Health’s Rocketchat channel also tuned in via chat.hashedhealth.com.

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