March Nashville Blockchain MeetUp

On March 15, Hashed Health & BTC Media collaborated with the support of the WeWork team to host another Hashed Collective Event: The Nashville Blockchain Meetup.

The event was hosted at the WeWork space in East Nashville (901 Woodland St) and livestreamed via Hashed Health webinar channel.  With 150+ registered and live stream attendees, the crowd was compromised of blockchain enthusiasts, entrepreneurs from a variety of fields including healthcare, and developers.

The event consisted of two presentations: that of Anthony D. Begando and that of Thomas Cox. Begando discussed how blockchain will transform practitioner credentialing while Cox discussed blockchain governance in the EOSIO software ecosystem.

Begando’s new company Professional Credentialing Exchange establishes an infrastructure on the blockchain to request and receive information about practitioners including their education experience, clinical practice, licensure, and board certification.

This addresses the lack of trust in a marketplace where the wait time, on average, for the credentialing process is 30 to 45 days. On average, hospital systems forfeit $7500 daily during this delay in the credentialing process. Furthermore, many of the verification procedures currently in place still consist of offline paperwork and strenuous phone calls.

By time-stamping these data in an immutable fashion online, the platform for accreditation provides an improvement upon the current standard of practice.

Thomas Cox, approaching blockchain from the unique and broader angle of governance, shared his insight on the EOSIO software ecosystem. He explained the lack of commercial application coming from bitcoin’s blockchain shared ledger and differentiated it from, for example, a hyperledger fabric. Lastly, he introduced the EOSIO software as a public, yet permissioned blockchain based on constitutions of governance with a system of arbitration.

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