Consensus 2017 Recap

It’s no secret that we are struggling to find the best way to pay for health care, which Warren Buffet famously calls the “tapeworm of the American economy” and “the No. 1 problem of America and American business.”...

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The View From Rice

This week’s marquee gathering was the Business and the Blockchain conference organized by Tyler Smith and hosted by his alma mater Rice University’s Jones School of Business....

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Reaching the Summits: Blockchain in DC

It was a busy time for the blockchain in the nation’s capital, with two weeks of back-to-back blockchain events: The Chamber of Digital Commerce’s DC Blockchain Summit and the (similarly named but unaffiliated) Healthcare Blockchain Summit....

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Distributed Pharmacy Solutions

A recent article dubbed the patient as the health care system’s “free labor.” It is the patient or a caregiver who most often bears the burden of navigating inefficient and non-cooperative transacting entitles....

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Hashed Health After Action Report: HIMSS 2017

The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) has held an annual conference for around 50 years and rarely, if ever, has a new topic garnered as much attention as blockchain did this year. “Blockchain” was one of the key buzzwords that was circulating around the show and lots of...

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