A Venture Studio

Hashed Health is an award-winning venture studio leading blockchain in healthcare. We exist to improve and empower the health of individuals and communities through innovation. We specialize in convening networks around innovative new business models to solve long standing trust, transparency, and alignment challenges in healthcare. With over 6 years of experience in the space, Hashed Health is recognized as a leader at the intersection of blockchain and
healthcare. As an organization, Hashed Health is led by six core beliefs:

  • Health is fundamental
  • Innovation is core to our culture
  • We value integrity in all things and in all people
  • Meaningful achievement requires endurance and evolution
  • Radical collaboration is key
  • We do what we what we do with excellence, or not at all

Our Process


Hashed Health has implemented a workflow for capturing new ideas by recognizing business patterns across our industries. These ideas are evaluated and prioritized based on market and network potential, enterprise sponsor and executive partner availability, and technology fit.


The idea is further refined and subjected to market validation and reprioritized as necessary. In this phase, we validate the problem and solution hypotheses, determine sufficient ROI and TAM potential, and begin discussions with potential partners.


At the Project phase, we identify and recruit an Executive Co-Founder and/or Enterprise Co-Founder; build the business model; and design and architect the minimum viable product and minimum viable network.


At the Build phase, we fully onboard Executive and/or Enterprise Co-Founders; achieve positive market response on the prototype and ecosystem validation of the business plan; and generate initial investor interest.


The Organize phase is a “tipping point” – the initiative becomes an actual company and begins the exciting tasks of taking its solution to market. In this phase the company is organized, the pilot is completed, the sales funnel is developed, and the lead investor is identified.


As initiatives move out of successful pilots and having completed the organization of an entity around the initiative, efforts turn to broader go-to-market activities and fundraising. The team is built out, and the company is prepared to spin-off into a fully autonomous organization.


  • Martin Ventures
  • First Trust Capital
  • UPMC Enterprises
  • Whistler Capital Partners
  • CMT Digital 

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