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How Blockchain enables innovative payment and new benefit plan design – EP009

In this episode we interview François DeBrantes, Vice President and Director, Center for Payment Innovation at the Altarum Institute. Francois’ work focuses on the designing and implementation of innovative payment and benefit plan programs  in order to motivate physicians, hospitals and consumer-patients to improve the quality and affordability of care.

 François De Brantes Vice President and Director, Center for Value in Health Care, Communications and Public Affairs

François de Brantes is vice president and director, Center for Value in Health Care (CVHC), whose mission is to create a high value, sustainable and equitable health care system through payment and health benefits innovation, behavioral incentives to promote health, and consumer engagement; and to advocate for broad system change and conduct research on effective ways to bring about that change. CVHC works with states, employers, health plans, provider organizations, charitable foundations as well as national consultancies such as McKinsey and KPMG, to advise them on payment and delivery system reform.