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Distributed: Health Propels the Adoption of Blockchain Technology in Healthcare

Distributed: Health Propels the Adoption of Blockchain Technology in Healthcare

Distributed: Health 2018 Conference

As the second day of Distributed: Health concluded, attendees were left with a handful of solutions to explore, dozens of questions to ponder and countless new connections to pursue.

The conference, which enjoyed its third year of bringing healthcare executives and decentralizing technologists together at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center in Nashville, TN, featured keynote presentations from legacy leaders like former senator Bill Frist, panel discussions from industry stalwarts like the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and blockchain-powered announcements from pioneers like Change Healthcare.

More than 700 registered attendees absorbed information, asked questions and interfaced with one another to form the building blocks that will carry the healthcare industry into its next iteration. About 30 developers attended an accompanying code camp today to sharpen their blockchain coding skills and, eventually, put decentralizing ideas into practice.

“Healthcare Is Ripe for Disruption”

The event opened on Monday with welcome remarks and a fireside chat led by former medical practitioner, Tennessee senator and House Majority Leader Bill Frist. He leveraged his experience as both a provider and regulator to describe Nashville’s unique position in the healthcare atmosphere (where the industry has a $38.8 billion impact, per at least one estimation ) and the industry’s dire need for fundamental change.

“Right now, healthcare is ripe for disruption like no other industry,” Frist said. “The reason is, we have very, very, very high cost, which the typical consumer can’t afford, and we have uneven access. … When you have high cost and you have uneven access, the macro environment for disruption is huge. And that’s where blockchain [technology] is.”

Inviting Michael Painter, senior program officer at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, to join him in a fireside chat, Frist expanded on the need for blockchain solutions in healthcare, pointing out that the first step to addressing issues like healthcare disparity and encouraging healthy lifestyles more broadly will be collecting and leveraging data in a decentralized way.

“Without access to current, real data that can be trusted, that is privacy protected, that is distributed … we can’t make any real progress,” Frist said. “Blockchain [technology] has the opportunity … to address one of those basic needs of society. Which is to make sure that our children have a better life, have better health, than we have.”

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May Nashville Blockchain MeetUp – Radar Relay

On May 23, the Nashville Blockchain Meetup and Ethereum Nashville hosted Radar Relay at a combined Meetup.  The event was hosted by WeWork and sponsored by Hashed HealthBTC Media, Frost Brown Todd, and our newest supporter LBMC.

Thanks to Blake Pedersen for coordinating the speaker.

Connor Herman Director of Token Analysis at Radar Relay came in from Denver Colorado to discuss their platform.  He walked the assembled crowd through the different kinds of exchanges and how a relay is different.  He then went into the Radar Relay offering and the 0X protocol before talking about the future of decentralized exchanges.  The audience was not short of  questions ranging from liquidity challenges and arbitrage opportunities to the not unexpected probes into trust and transparency assumptions.  You can see the full presentation on the youtube link below.

A few links from the presentation and announcements:

You can always find more information and continue the discussion at https://chat.hashedhealth.com on the #Nashville Blockchain Meetup channel.




April Nashville Blockchain MeetUp

blockchain healthcare meetup nashville

On April 19th, Hashed Health & BTC Media held another Hashed Collective Event: The Nashville Blockchain Meetup.  Sponsored Frost Brown Todd and hosted at WeWork,  Hashed Health discussed and demonstrated the new decentralized healthcare marketplace called Bramble.    With more than 150 in the room and a live stream audience, Corey Todaro (Chief Product Officer) and the Hashed Health developers described, demo’ed and answered questions about the platform.

Bramble is a new decentralized marketplace for the buying and selling of digital health assets and services. It leverages “non-fungible tokens” (you’ve heard of cryptokitties?) to represent unique digital health assets that are created and listed by credentialed providers. These tokenized services and products are made available to consumers (ex. self-Insured employers).

Bramble’s goal is to create a frictionless, low-cost, transparent marketplace where value is rewarded and consumers can shop based on quality, reputation, price and information. It is an extremely flexible platform designed for global innovation.

See the full presentation or hear the podcast by following the links below.

More information and continued discussion about this event can be found at https://chat.hashedhealth.com on the #Nashville Blockchain Meetup channel.