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Red Host Healthcare Episode 67

Hashing Out Blockchain in Healthcare with John Bass

Blockchain has been perhaps the biggest buzzword over the last year. But what about it IS hype…and what is the truth today, and likely for the future? And for healthcare?

In this episode, Dr. Ambrose’s guest is John Bass, the CEO of Hashed Health in Nashville, TN with us in studio. He’s taking us down the primrose path, where we can smell the roses and not get stuck by its thorns.

In this engaging and information-packed episode, host Dr. Steve and John discuss:

  • A quick primer on the technology
  • New business models and value chain governance
  • Impact on administrative costs
  • Professional Credentials Exchange, Bramble and other powerful emerging solutions
  • Blockchain enabling consumerism and a new era of competing on price and quality
  • Trust, transparency, and incentive alignment
  • And so much more!

Full podcast and info here: https://redhothealthcare.com/hashing