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Welcome to Hashed Collective

A new year in US healthcare begins. Costs continue to rise unabated. Quality continues to be uneven. Access, trust, and transparency continue to be an issue. The thirst for change grows.

Blockchain will increasingly be hyped as an answer to our problems. 2018 will be the break-out year in healthcare. Early concepts will enter production and attempt to prove value. Enterprises will begin to understand the potential shifts in market structure and rush to develop strategies. Consumers of health services will finally realize their power as buyers and contributors. A flurry of new tokens and platforms will make waves.

Now is the time to get organized. Let’s get organized so we can promote our shared interest in empowering individuals with the tools of trust, transparency, security, and aligned incentives in healthcare. Let’s get organized so we can support each other in shared and meaningful work. Let’s get organized around real projects with real potential. Let’s educate each other on scams that could harm confidence in the market. Let’s lead a new conversation about how we can improve access and quality, while reducing the rapidly escalating costs of care.

For the first time in our lives we are having the necessary conversation about fundamental transformation in the digital infrastructure upon which our healthcare delivery system is built. This new conversation allows us to think holistically about public health and new models of wellness. It is about new economies and markets that are unbound by legacy system constraints and payment rails.

This is why we are inviting you to join our new distributed healthcare blockchain community development, Hashed Collective.

Hashed Collective is a free, open forum for communication, content, and events related to emerging healthcare blockchain projects and communities. Our mission is to make it easy for individuals to connect, empower themselves (and each other), and become a part of the blockchain conversation in healthcare. With Hashed Collective, you will be a part of the powerful global community forming around us. This community shares an interest in promoting how we account for our greatest asset: our health.

Currently Hashed Collective provides:

· Multiparty Communication Channels: We use Rocket.Chat for general & project-specific topics such as pharma, ICOs, medical records, supply chain, and value-based initiatives. This is where we come together, both healthcare and blockchain experts or newcomers, to spread ideas and support each other in our shared vision.
· Events Calendar: We and other organizations are always sponsoring events around the world to educate and organize the community on opportunities and challenges. Here you’ll find information focused on both virtual and physical events of interest to the Collective.
· Educational Resources: The blockchain world is constantly changing so the Collective will provide up-to-date articles, podcasts, videos, whitepapers, newsletters and a plethora of educational resources by healthcare and blockchain experts.

We hope you will join and become an active contributor and leader in this important conversation. Hashed Collective will continue to expand resources and networks, but the community needs your ideas related to the new infrastructure for healthcare. We need your voice to write the new rules of the global health economy. If we organize together, we have an amazing opportunity to create real change.

Welcome to Hashed Collective.


John Bass
Hashed Health

Get started now by registering for our Rocket.Chat at chat.hashedhealth.com where you can join the conversation or discover more about Hashed Collective.

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