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Supply Chain: IoT Track & Trace

Hashed Health has a demonstration for high value medical assets.  The demo creates a digital fingerprint of an asset and allows for the asset’s movements across a value chain to be tracked from source to consumer.  Custom information can be delivered to specific constituents (such as an operating room or a patient). [/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space height=”40px”][vc_column_text]

CLINICAL: WEArable tracking/smartcity initiative

Hashed Health has built a demonstration project for a blockchain personal health and prevention solution that operates in the smart home/office. The solution enables individuals to securely collect and track personally generated health and wellness data, collected from network-enabled wearables and other home monitoring devices. Smart contracts will be used to identify opportunities for health improvement, trigger alerts for potentially emergent health situations and pass appropriate information to clinicians and family members. This solution also can identify health prevention resources to groups of similar individuals, creating a locally accessible community of wellness and neighborhood wellness games, events and programs.



Organize and promote targeted individual or group wellness activities.
Distribution of targeted wellness a prevention content.
Create individually customized preventative medicine care plans and the use of IoT to track and address adherence.
Managing care plans for acute and chronic episodes.
Monitoring solutions for the elderly
Coordinating urgent and emergency care.
Access (virtual or in person), scheduling and transportation to address all of the above.
Creating engagement incentives for all participants.

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