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Hashed Health is the Leading Venture Studio Building Healthcare Startups

The Venture Studio Advantage


Studios allow teams to systematically validate startup ideas sooner. The resources, rigor, and experience offered by well-organized studios better position startups for launch and scale.


The concept first approach allows for the recruitment of the optimal team and supporting resources. The best studios offer an ecosystem of talent, investors, customers, and users to fuel the product lifecycle.


Repeatable work such as recruiting, fundraising, legal, and other administrative function can be absorbed by the studio to help founders focus on building and scaling their startups.

Who We
Work With

Hashed Health’s community includes over 50 of the world’s leading enterprises, non-profits, foundations, and venture capital companies.



Pharmaceutical, Device and Life Science Companies

Retail Healthcare

State & Federal Entities


Academic Institutions

Service Providers

Technology Vendors


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