Hashed Health is leading a consortium of healthcare companies focused on accelerating meaningful innovation using blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. To empower its consortium members, Hashed Health provides value-added services such as product management, product development, regulatory guidance, and technology support services for blockchain solutions and blockchain networks.  Based in Nashville, TN, Hashed Health’s healthcare experts focus on making sure the business problem drives the appropriate technical solution. We help members launch new industry level solutions more effectively and at lower cost. We also provide exposure to existing networks who are actively exploring, piloting, or using existing solutions.



For most healthcare organizations, Blockchain technology will be transformational over the next 10 years. Think of it as a new business layer for the Internet with the ability to reliably and securely exchange data and transactions, while enabling smart contracts to govern shared business logic between companies or consumers. Blockchain systems will re-write areas such as security, payments, interoperability, revenue cycle, claims processing, supply chain, and related contractual matters. Joining Hashed Health provides exposure to and opportunity to participate in exciting new projects in these areas. Getting involved now allows organizations to more easily prepare for future changes, develop expertise, pilot solutions, and answer important strategic questions such as: 


  • How might this affect my business?
  • What projects are happening now?
  • What are my peers doing?
  • With whom should I partner?
  • What are the drivers of cost and value?


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A lack of awareness and terminology is hampering the meaningful exploration of ideas. Companies need to educate themselves or suffer the fate of being exploited by those who do.

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Standards Representation


Hashed Health is a founding member of the Hyperledger Healthcare Working Group. This Working Group is focused on the development of technical protocols and standards.

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Strategic Business Preparation


Hashed Health provides a low-risk, low “barrier to entry” way to begin understanding how blockchain technology can impact your business and begin work on projects.

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Technology Development & Support


Hashed Health’s Development Studio focuses on supporting the consortium with a variety of development, technical, and general healthcare blockchain services and support.

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Regulatory Representation


Hashed Health represents its members by interfacing with and reporting from the regulatory bodies at the local and national level. Consortium members internal counsel is invited to participate in meetings focusing on policy best practices by national DLT policy experts.

Industry Organization
Industry Organization


Blockchains allow applications to be built with a decentralized architecture that create immutable record of activities. Value is created when organizations collaborate to create/implement a system. Silo’d approaches frustrate adoption and risk being less effective than current approaches.




Hashed Health is responsible for educating its members, organizing multi-sector proof of concepts (POC’s), navigating regulatory hurdles, developing technology, supporting technical standards, and providing blockchain / distributed ledger network support. Members will join various workgroups focused on specific business problems such as security, revenue cycle, payments, supply chain & pharma, consumerism, and legal. These workgroups will meet regularly to learn and advance opportunities. By leveraging Hashed Health’s value-added services, consortium members work with Hashed Health to make theses opportunities actionable.